How do we usually pay for Bitcoin?

Each of us bought cryptocurrencies online many times. At the beginning it was out of curiosity, and than Bitcoin became really popular and also our friends started buying them. 

Bitcoin purchase process is similar practically everywhere. At first we need to register on the platform of choice, we choose the amount of BTC we plan to buy and click Buy button… And what’s next?

How do we usually pay for BTC?

It would appear that we buy Bitcoin with credit card most often. This method can be detronized soon though. Innovative BTC purchase services offer wider possibilities to their users by introducing popular in a particular country fast payment method. So if you plan to buy Bitcoin in a service that come from somewhere abroad check if it offers a fast payment method that is popular and accepted in your country.

Possibility of extra earnings

Some of the platforms gives its users extra earning option, of course besides the profits that come from buying Bitcoin itself. They create so-called affiliate programs, which are partner programs in which users invite their friends to register on a particular platform. If the invited friend decides to register on the platform and buy Bitcoin the user receives a part of friend’s transaction fee. The percent depends on the platform – it’s usually 20% of the transaction fee from the Bitcoin bought, but sometimes, due to some kind of promotion these services offer even 50% of the transaction fee!