Can I Use PayCoiner?

At first, the cryptocurrencies were used basically to invest. But now you can use them almost as traditional currency. In the same way that you can buy a product or service with fiat currency, you can also do it with cryptocurrencies. 

Surely you will have heard about Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency and the first one that appeared. It isn’t surprising that many companies have seen people using this virtual currency. That’s why they have opted to accept bitcoin payment in their business. But currently, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies on the market, all with unique and interesting features. Are they also accepted in e-commerce?

How to accept cryptocurrency payments

Not all sites allow paying with crypto. Companies which want to innovate and take a step further in the world of technology, need to use payment gateways. They are similar to PayPal but are using cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies

With the installation of a crypto payment system, customers have more options to pay as they can choose the method of payment and the type of currency they want to operate. Most of such gateways are focused on bitcoin payment, but there is a one that offers a large number of cryptocurrencies to make transactions. Such is the case of PayCoiner, which allows using many virtual currencies. You may find a full list of available coins on their website. Besides, if the merchant doesn’t see what he or she is looking for,  PayCoiner offers the opportunity to propose another cryptocurrency to add.

Implement PayCoiner to your e-commerce

To be able to accept therefore cryptocurrencies in your business we propose that you install PayCoiner. This way, you will able to provide both payments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Such a solution may be used in e-commerce, on a cryptocurrency exchange, in an e-sport, gambling, and many different types of business. For instance, the CoinDeal currency exchange platform uses PayCoiner to help them carry out transactions. For news portal focused on cryptocurrencies, allows accepting crypto payments for a sponsored article. If you think you can use PayCoiner, don’t hesitate to enter in their digital portal to inform yourself and start to accept crypto on your website!